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EPCOT Food & Wine Festival is one of our favorite events at Walt Disney World, and it grows a little more in popularity and size every year. Treat yourself to sweet events as well as culinary demonstrations or simply stroll the 25 international marketplaces and sample food, wine and beer from around the world.

2013 brings over 40 new dishes and more than 80 new beverages to food and wine lovers. To help you make the most out of this year’s festival, we’ll take a closer look at the top five tips for visiting EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival.

1. Plan, Plan and Plan Ahead

Over the past two decades, the Food and Wine Festival has grown in both its popularity and size. That’s why our number one tip for visitors is to have a set plan before you arrive. Admission to EPCOT is required and availability is limited for some experiences, we suggest arriving early to guarantee admission.

The best way to be prepared for the event is to know the menus ahead of time and prioritize your “must have” choices. You may want to have a map of the Food & Wine Festival handy when you’re planning so you know how to navigate your points of interest.

You may also want to consider spending more than one day at the Food and Wine Festival, especially if there are special events that you’d like to attend.

2. Avoid the Crowds

If you want to avoid long lines, plan your visit for a weekday. During the week EPCOT is typically less crowded. Locals tend to flock to the park on the weekends, especially during the evening.

Food and Wine Festival

We suggest taking advantage of the festival’s earliest hours. The international marketplace begins serving food and beverages around 11am. Get there before noontime and you’ll enjoy many of the most popular booths without standing in ridiculously long lines.

3. Culinary Demonstrations are a Great Value

Culinary demonstrations are a great way to add value to your Food & Wine Festival experience. Although mixology and culinary demos can get expensive, they are fun, laid back, and usually very informative. While most events are included with admission to the park, several experiences require a separate purchase or a separate admission fee for entry.

EPCOT Food and Wine Experience

Demos are by far the best way to get a first-class education in food and wine pairings and enjoy all new-experiences away from the crowded marketplace booths. The most popular ones tend to go pretty fast, but normally you can purchase tickets for at least some of the events right up to the start time of the demonstrations by visiting the park’s Guest Services.

4. Dine Savvy with Disney’s Dinning Plan

One of the greatest perks for the event is that you can use your Disney Dinning Plan (DDP) snack credits at many of the marketplace booths.

Food and Wine Festival Dinning Plans

5. Don’t Forget to Bring the Kids

There’s more to EPCPT than drinking around the world! Many of the items on the 2013 menu are kid-friendly, making it easy for you to include young children in your plans.

Food and Wine Festival for Kids

The Food & Wine Festival is a great way to pique your kid’s interest in new tastes from around the world without worrying about wasting food and a lot of money. Families will also enjoy Eat to the Beat Concert Series where they can sample the sounds of popular music artists from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

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