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One upon a time… buying tickets online for Cirque du Soleil La Nouba at Downtown Disney was not such a magical experience. For as long as I can remember certified ticket retailers have been limited to buying and selling strictly category 2 seats. When customers would buy La Nouba tickets from retailers in the past they had to take an additional step to complete their order—reserving their own show time and seats. In order to guarantee reservations for La Nouba plans had to be made way in advance which meant no last minute orders. Customers needing special wheelchair accommodations or wanting better tickets could not get them at discounted rates online but were left to pay full price at the box office.

Cirque du Soleil La Nouba main entrance.

La Nouba e-tickets available only from Florida Orlando Tickets.

This old system of buying tickets and confirming your own reservations might seem okay to those of you who are not too picky about how much you pay or where you sit. However, most online shoppers want more. They want the best ticket deals. This is why we’ve decided to put an end to the buy-and-confirm-it-yourself trend. What do we mean by this? We mean we’ve launched an e-ticket platform exclusively for La Nouba tickets that lets you choose where you want to sit. You can even book e-tickets for La Nouba until 3pm the day of the show. Phone calls and self-confirmations are not necessary. Within 24-hours you’re La Nouba tickets will be delivered directly to your email address! There’s no need to check in at the box office or wait in line at Will Call, simply print each of your La Nouba tickets at home and discover the convenience of buying tickets online.

If you have never been to Cirque du Soleil before do not be fooled into thinking it’s like a traditional circus act. You will not find any magicians pulling white doves out of hats here! Cirque du Soleil presents the story of La Nouba by combining live acrobatics and aerial stunts with elaborate costumes and characters, expert lighting and music from across the globe to create a truly magical experience. Watch a preview below.